Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pokemon Trainer

I made the hat for Pokemon Trainer! I bought the plain white hat and painted on all of the pink with fabric paint. The shirt and vest were purchased, and are currently acting as stand-in's only. I plan on buying a different white shirt, and making a new vest (or mangling this one!).

I pretty much have all my supplies gathered, except for base boots, and hair extensions for her GIANT PONYTAIL OF DOOM! Hopefully I can find some locally because I don't have time to order any. I'm hoping to have this completed in time to get some pictures for the day of the game's release :)


  1. That's sooo awesome!!!

  2. OMG I will pay you to make me one I'm just missing that & the vest if you need shoes go to bogo.

    If you would make it for me the facebook name is kat catania