Monday, April 4, 2011

Pax + Pokecomics

I really meant to do this two weeks ago, but even though its kinda late I still wanted to post about some of the neat stuff I got at PAX east, so here's a few of my favorite things;

Plants Vs Zombies was a huge deal at Pax, there were pylon hats everywhere, as well as these awesome bumper stickers and autographed pictures (top right), the picture says "BRAINZ FOREVER xoxo ZOMBIE!"

Top left is a bottle opener you got if you played Duke Nukem forever. 
The thing on the bottom left is actually a band-aid holder (with bandaids!) and it reads '+1 HP'. I didn't even realise what this was until I got home. The bottom right image is a set of heart container pins. In the middle is a Castle Crasher keychain I purchased while trying to talk myself out of spending 20 bucks on one of the Castle Crahser figures.....

Which was TOTALLY WORTH IT btw. :) I really love collectible figures, and this one I think is one of the most inexpensive ones AND best quality ones I have. It even came with a plastic case, and 4 interchangable weapons.

also stopped by the Halolz booth;

and lastly, BUTTONS! I got a bunch of free buttons from various exhibitors, and bought a bunch as well <3.

On another note, while I was sorting through all this stuff I stumbled upon some other neat little treasures in my sewing room; Pokemon comics from 90's! (Which im quite sure belonged to my sister, but I for some reason am in possesion of)

In the comic, Ash finds Pikachu (who is the equivalent of a troublesome house mouse) knawing on the electrical wires in the walls of his moms house. Above is Ash, Misty, and Brock. (Ash still ruins Misty's bike btw).

Also heres Officer Jenny (Right), Gary, and Gary's hot sister (Left).

Costume wise, I have started working on a new costume for Anime North, and also plan to finish Pokemon Trainer, and rewear Jill and Ramona :)