Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pokemon Trainer

I made the hat for Pokemon Trainer! I bought the plain white hat and painted on all of the pink with fabric paint. The shirt and vest were purchased, and are currently acting as stand-in's only. I plan on buying a different white shirt, and making a new vest (or mangling this one!).

I pretty much have all my supplies gathered, except for base boots, and hair extensions for her GIANT PONYTAIL OF DOOM! Hopefully I can find some locally because I don't have time to order any. I'm hoping to have this completed in time to get some pictures for the day of the game's release :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Jill is almost complete!
I just need to do the bottom hem of the shirt and skirt (and add the grey stripe onto the bottom in the process.) I had purchased a satin material for the skirt that had a sheen similar to leather because no fabric shops seemed to carry black leather, pleather or matte vinyl.  

Instead I ended up buying a leather skirt from a thrift store and cutting it up and resewing it, and I'm a lot happier with the result this way.

My other planned PAX costumes are also in progress. I picked up most of the supplies for pokemon trainer, and I had one more lucky thrift store find;

woo-hoo POKEBALL!

In other Poke-news, you have until March 7th to visit gamestop to get a Celebi for Heartgold/Soulsilver!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thrift Stores

So cosplay endeavors have brought me to thrift stores more times than I can count. Unfortunately most of the time I don't find what I needed for the costume, but I do sometimes find some neat little treasures.

Found Nightmare for $1.40 2 days ago, and Nightmare 2 yesterday. Its a VHS based game for kids thats meant to be scary, but the hilarious-ness of it all is for all ages :)

At the beginning of the game, you have to write down your 'greatest fear' on a nightmare card, and if you draw this card at the end of the game you lose. Since I got my game at a thrift store, the cards were still filled out from the last people who played it, I lol'd;

I also found these;  I already have most of the subbed DVDs, but I thought these would be fun to watch for nostalgia's sake.

 and a puzzle just because I could;

So I came home with all this stuff, but did not get what I went for, being shoes I could use for Ramona, Pokemon Trainer and Jill. Then I realised that I don't even OWN A VCR. hmmmm. :P

Has anyone else ever found some great stuff at thrift stores? (Cosplay related or not)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

PAX costume update!

Surprise surprise, I have changed my mind on what I'm wearing to Pax.  Im working on Jill Valentine right now (Nemesis version), so far I have almost finished the shirt, and a purchased the wig.


This is my mockup of the shirt! I made my own pattern, and I just hope that the final product comes out the same as this. The actual fabric for the shirt is thinner than this, so this may serve as the lining.

The wig isn't exactly what I wanted, but I couldn't find anything suitible in burgundy (that was also not too red, and was parted on the side), and If I waited any longer I would run the risk of not getting it in time for the con (I'm already a little worried!) This one is from WigFashion on ebay, which I have ordered from before because they often offer free shipping.

I will also be wearing Ramona Flowers which is almost complete (the most procratinated costume of all time?) I know its not technically a video game costume, but the Scott Pilgrim game is pretty excellent, so that's how I'll justify it. Im just having difficulty finding suitible stockings, and I really dont feel like working on that wig ANYMORE!

I have also decided to wear Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Black and White), because I wanted to wear something from Pokemon, and the new game comes out that month!

Lastly im considering fixing lammy up and wearing it again, this time I will make new ears and horns and probobly remake the watch. Hopefully I get some better picture this time too.