Monday, January 3, 2011

Obligatory New Years Resolution Post

Happy New Year Internet! I hope everyone had a safe and awesome New Year, and didn't wake up in vegas or something with a wife and a llama named Steeve (Steeve the Llama, not the wife). No thats not what I did on New Years, but If it did I think It would make a pretty awesome blog post.

Anyway its time for New Years Resolutions!
My first is to finish 10 costumes in 12 months. I had this resolution last year and FAILED MISERABLY! So this year I am pumped too succeed. In the works at the moment are my costumes for PAX East, including
Jill Valentine, and an Assassin recruit from AC Brotherhood.  
The recruit costume (forgive the bad picture) is kind of a strange choice. I received the game as a gift with the strategy guide, and before I even played I spotted these designs in the guide and loved them right away. Unfortunately It doesn't look like these actually made it into the game (unless they are in some strange side mission I haven't done), but I like the design so much better then the actual recruit designs, because these look like something that is obviously from AC, and yet its much easier to make the Ezio's fancy getup.
Im also planing on doing something to show my love for Pokemon, but I havent decided excatly what yet. Im thinking Team Rocket Grunt, or a pokemon trainer.

Next resolution, to get a new job (in my field of study!) because working minimum wage sucks.

My third is to work out like a fiend and actually be comfortable enough to wear a bikini this summer. I have never worn one in my whole life and would like to before I'm too old to do it! :P

Oh and back to the topic of Pokemon, to any other Canadians out there (I think this is happening in the US as well but I am not positive), Gamestop is giving away shiny Suicune, Entei and Raikou throughout the month of January, (I believe it starts today and you have this week only to get Raikou) and you can trade them up onto Pokemon black and White to get an exclusive legandary (Zoroark or something). I guess I'll always be a Pokenerd. 

Here are the dates for the event: