Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you know a girl with hair like this?

The wig is practically done! When I put it on though, I realised that something was definately wrong with the bangs, and I think its that they are too thin and flat, but it's ok I have more hair to fix that! I tried to make it look messy like Ramonas in the movie, but not as ratty.

(I apologize for no makeup an such, I couldnt even find a nice lipstick to put on :S I guess thats one drawback to living on my own now, I dont have my mom and sister to 'borrow' makeup from!)

Anyway I thought a lot about which costume to do for Ramona. I knew I wanted to do the pink hair from the movie, just because I think it is recognizable and because I liked it. The costume I will be wearing with this wig is this one; 

 I chose it because I wanted to represent the comic as well as the movie. (She wears a slight variation of this outfit in the movie as well, except with blue hair)

So far I already have the jacket that I am adding the stripes too, and the Tshirt that I need to add the logo too. I'm sewing the skirt from scratch.

Thats enough cosplay stuff for today, I've got Assassins Creed Brotherhood to play! and a giant mess to clean up. I really don't think I am capable of doing anything cosplay related without leaving a gigantic mess behind XD.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why is this taking so long?!

...Probobly because I attempted to wash excess pink sharpie ink out of this wig about 6 times and it still gets pink all over everything.
Well anyways, Ramona wig progress!
I still need to fix up a few more things and make it more wavy but I think its coming along (slowly!). Hopefully Ill get a nice picture of me actually wearing it tomorrow. 

On another note, I saw these in the Disney store and just couldn't resist. I had never seen a plush Angel before and my inner child took over. I already have little Christmas hats for them, that way when someone asks why I have these things in my living room, I can claim they're Christmas decorations, and are therefore completely necessary! Thats what I will keep telling myself anyways :P

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today I have decided I need to reorganize my little corner of the internet (this place)! I want it to be easier to read, so please bear with me!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ramona Wig

So after it dried, I went at the wig with a sharpie manually. The color is much better (although the wig is brighter IRL) I think I will still need to go through the whole sharpie dying process again to get the tone im aiming for. ..hmm we shall see...

Then all I'll need to do is curl it, add extension to it, and cut it. Oh and sew the costume. Procrastination FTW!