Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PAX Costumes

Ramona! It always has to be the simplest looking costumes that give the most grief. Maybe this is just because all the setbacks are unexpected, whereas in a larger project you expect to have a few issues.
Anywhooo I have pretty much finished the skirt (bottom left). Funny thing is, the whole time I was working on this I was thinking to myself "make sure you dont make the skirt backwards!"...and I was very convinced that I was not making the skirt backwards. However, once I finsihed the skirt and put it on, the little design just jumped to the wrong side of the skirt. I swear.  I also made the logo for the Tshirt in photoshop.
The stripes on the jacket are taking a lot more effort than expected because I have to handsew them on...I'm really not sure how I expected to feed a fully assembled sleeve through a sewing machine to attatch the stripes. Hopefully I will have a decent progress picture of Ramona tomrrow, with the fixed up wig.  

As for pokemon trainer I was very lucky to find a decent wig store locally. I bought a small poofy ponytail, and a longer curly one in order to try and recreate the giant superpoof ponytail of doom that pokemon trainer has. Im mostly just holding them on this picture but havent completely decided yet how Im going to rig this thing. I;m also going to have to take off the back section of the hat.

Still waiting on my Jill wig in the mail! I hope it comes, but at least I have this handy wig store to fall back on if it doesnt come in time. I still cant find any decent boots to use as a base for Jill's boots, so I think I'm going to have to learn to make some decent bootcovers.
One week till PAX!

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  1. That wig looks perfect for cosplaying her! You'll make an awesome Pokémon Trainer~