Saturday, February 5, 2011

PAX costume update!

Surprise surprise, I have changed my mind on what I'm wearing to Pax.  Im working on Jill Valentine right now (Nemesis version), so far I have almost finished the shirt, and a purchased the wig.


This is my mockup of the shirt! I made my own pattern, and I just hope that the final product comes out the same as this. The actual fabric for the shirt is thinner than this, so this may serve as the lining.

The wig isn't exactly what I wanted, but I couldn't find anything suitible in burgundy (that was also not too red, and was parted on the side), and If I waited any longer I would run the risk of not getting it in time for the con (I'm already a little worried!) This one is from WigFashion on ebay, which I have ordered from before because they often offer free shipping.

I will also be wearing Ramona Flowers which is almost complete (the most procratinated costume of all time?) I know its not technically a video game costume, but the Scott Pilgrim game is pretty excellent, so that's how I'll justify it. Im just having difficulty finding suitible stockings, and I really dont feel like working on that wig ANYMORE!

I have also decided to wear Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Black and White), because I wanted to wear something from Pokemon, and the new game comes out that month!

Lastly im considering fixing lammy up and wearing it again, this time I will make new ears and horns and probobly remake the watch. Hopefully I get some better picture this time too.

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