Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you know a girl with hair like this?

The wig is practically done! When I put it on though, I realised that something was definately wrong with the bangs, and I think its that they are too thin and flat, but it's ok I have more hair to fix that! I tried to make it look messy like Ramonas in the movie, but not as ratty.

(I apologize for no makeup an such, I couldnt even find a nice lipstick to put on :S I guess thats one drawback to living on my own now, I dont have my mom and sister to 'borrow' makeup from!)

Anyway I thought a lot about which costume to do for Ramona. I knew I wanted to do the pink hair from the movie, just because I think it is recognizable and because I liked it. The costume I will be wearing with this wig is this one; 

 I chose it because I wanted to represent the comic as well as the movie. (She wears a slight variation of this outfit in the movie as well, except with blue hair)

So far I already have the jacket that I am adding the stripes too, and the Tshirt that I need to add the logo too. I'm sewing the skirt from scratch.

Thats enough cosplay stuff for today, I've got Assassins Creed Brotherhood to play! and a giant mess to clean up. I really don't think I am capable of doing anything cosplay related without leaving a gigantic mess behind XD.


  1. Oooh! I like the progress, I think the bangs just need to be a bit more choppy. :3

  2. Definitely could use a little lift. Maybe just a volumizing spray? I use them sometimes myself, my hair's really flat, but I don't know if it would work the same with a wig.

  3. Looking great, you really remind me of Ramona in it!

    Lol I have trouble balancing cosplay work and my other hobbies, too.

  4. Nice. That chick in the movie is so hot.