Monday, November 1, 2010

Ramona Wig

So after it dried, I went at the wig with a sharpie manually. The color is much better (although the wig is brighter IRL) I think I will still need to go through the whole sharpie dying process again to get the tone im aiming for. ..hmm we shall see...

Then all I'll need to do is curl it, add extension to it, and cut it. Oh and sew the costume. Procrastination FTW!


  1. From these pictures and hearing you say it's brighter, I think it's pretty spot on! o.o
    Ahh procrastination, death of all my costume ideas. That and fear of commitment...procrastination turns into never finishing anything. :c

  2. How is the wig coming along? :) I just saw the movie a couple days ago and I loved it, so seeing someone cosplaying Ramona would be awesome :D