Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why is this taking so long?!

...Probobly because I attempted to wash excess pink sharpie ink out of this wig about 6 times and it still gets pink all over everything.
Well anyways, Ramona wig progress!
I still need to fix up a few more things and make it more wavy but I think its coming along (slowly!). Hopefully Ill get a nice picture of me actually wearing it tomorrow. 

On another note, I saw these in the Disney store and just couldn't resist. I had never seen a plush Angel before and my inner child took over. I already have little Christmas hats for them, that way when someone asks why I have these things in my living room, I can claim they're Christmas decorations, and are therefore completely necessary! Thats what I will keep telling myself anyways :P


  1. I can't wait to see progress on the Ramona cosplay! :) I'm planning on doing Roxxy myself.

  2. I want those plushes now! I will have to find some way to justify the purchase to myself as well, lulz.

    Your Ramona wig is coming along nicely, looking better with each update!

  3. Thanks very much :) Roxxy cosplay would be so awesome Omi!
    Im all out of excuses Kashii, but you are welcome to use the Christmas decorations one too!