Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ramona Flowers...the Making Of.

                           It's Ramona! I wore her to PAX East 2011 and had a great time in it!

For each new costume I make, I've decided Ill do a 'Maiking Of' post; including details about how the costume was made, difficulties encountered along the way, lessons learned, and future plans. So here goes;

         The skirt was sewn from scratch out of 'galaxy twill' that I was lucky enough to find in all three colors.  I installed a zipper on the side, and the square pattern is attatched to the skirt with Heat n' Bond.

         The jacket, tights,  belt, plain brown Tshirt, and boots were purchased. I made the logo for the Tshirt in photoshop, and printed it off onto iron-on transfer paper which I ironed onto the shirt.  

         The jacket is supposed to have white stripes down the sleeves, which I oh-so-wisely decided to hand sew onto the sleeves in the car on the way to PAX (which took 10 hours btw). When I put the jacket on the strpies looked like crap! So I decided to remove them.

         The wig was the most work. It was originally light pink with longer bangs, purchased from wigfashion on ebay. It was dyed with sharpies twice, and then I handcolored a good amount of the wig after that to make it as bright as possible. I had a short black wig lying around (cosworx Roni) that never got used, so I cut that wig up and sewed it to the back of the pink one (which was great because It actually made the wig better able to accomodate all my hair!) and sewed some long black extensions into the bangs. After cutting the wig, I wrapped small sections of hair around hair curlers, and heated the hair slightly with a blowdrier on low to make the messy curls.

 It still bleeds some pink though; it rained for a good portion of the con weekend and I prayed that I didnt get caught in the rain in this, I would've been pink for a week.

New skills;
Properly installing a zipper, Using Heat N'Bond

The Future:
Add stripes to the jacket sleeves, change the belt buckle, make the subspace bag, and remember to bring my necklaces next time!  

I think my favorite moment in this costume was when I was posing for pictures, and some random girl across the street decided to loudly state to her friends "DOES THAT B*TCH THINK SHE'S RAMONA FLOWERS OR SOMETHING?!"
I guess if some random person on the street recognizes my costume I must have done a decent job making it. So I guess it was kind of a compliment.

Coming soon; PAX East con report, and Jill Valentine!

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  1. This turned out really well! A shame about the stripes on the jacket, but honestly, I probably would've done the same thing. Better to not have it, than to have it and it look like crap.